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ONLINE ALL-DAYER LIVE on Saturday 27th June 2020, from 11am to 11pm

Greetings Family,

We would like to thank ALL those who watched, listened, liked, shared and contributed to our “BLACK GROUP ECONOMICS BUSINESS SHOW” ALL-DAYER LIVE on Saturday 27th June 2020, from 11am to 11pm

We were proud to make our contribution to the *WORLD HISTORY* that was made on this day and we thank Swiss and his team for initiating “The Black Pound Day” Brand

#BlackPoundDay was trending all day across social media.

Many Black Businesses are reporting on the support they received and gotKushTV is no different. Here’s a few pointers as to what went down:

• gotKushTV constructed over 12 hours of programming through out the day.

• Through the 12 hours of programming, we maintain numbers of over 200+ viewers consistently.

• We re-streamed the pilot for our Black Group Economics Show.

• We interviewed over 30 Black Businesses, Scholars Economists and Entrepreneurs through the day.

• We profiled over 200 Black Business through out our social media.

• 50-60% of the Businesses we profiled we run by Black women.

• We provided an Africa Diaspora perspective as our  Live All-Dayer connected with and exposed our audience to Black Businesses in the UK, the USA, United Arab Emirates, the Caribbean and East, West & Southern Africa.

• Our experts shared information on Entrepreneurship, Forex Trading, Economic Theory, African Diaspora Politics & Activism, Self Development & Business, Global Markets and so much more…

• We conducted a competition, where a number of Black Businesses contributed to give away there wears. (The winner has donated his prize to the Manhood Academy for Boys).

These are just a few of the achievements coming out of the BLACK GROUP ECONOMICS ALL-DAYER LIVE. We thank you for your parting in making the day the success it was. 

“Loving this alldayer. I’m hooked to the screen. Can barely drag myself to the loo. 😄 

Great work and thanks to all the team and participants. 

Inspiration and Aspiration. Well done.❤🙏🏾SC London – *testimonial


As our host Ari-Ma’at,  affirmed – “this is not a moment. It’s a Movement…” and in making sure this is reality, we are reaching out to you in order to maintain this connection and develop it in to a viable network. We look forward to developing this network more as we grow together.

Thanking you once again From Nat Nye, Stella B, ShakaRa and the rest of the GKTV team

Warmest Regards

Below You can find details to our experts on the day, so get in touch. 🖤👊🏿

Itinerary for the day: 

⁣⁣•12:30 – Marcia Mcleod (UAE) Life Coach, Presenter,  Author and Entrepreneur:

@beingmarciamcleod  ( Instagram)

Marcia Mcleod  ( FB)

Kai – mindset and Self love Mentors


* Swiss – #Blackpoundday story – @blackpoundday

•2pm – Esther Stanford – Reparations 

•2:30 – Robin Walker – History & Solutions  

•3pm – Celine – Trading Forex –

•3:30 – Nate the lyricist – Sales –

•3:45 – Adotey Bing – Corporative economic –

•4pm – Jason movie man – Black comics –

•4:15 – Ank-rah – holistic –

•4:30 – aunkh Aakhu – Black Gorilla Marketing –

•4:45 – Raspect – ForeverFamilyUK –

•5.00 – Patrick – Property / repatriate  –

•5:15 – Daniel Lister: My black market –

•5:30 – Rashida

•5.45pm Asari – Action Coach –

•6pm – Daryl – Sable Assent – Black Crypto currency –


African Centred Online Education Session.

– Twitter –

– Insta –

– FB –

@vewaproductionsltd (IG), VEWA PRODUCTIONS LTD (Facebook), VEWA PRODUCTIONS LTD (LinkedIn)

•Aisha Peters – Vocal Coach and Sound Meditation Healer:

Social Media- @vewaproductionsltd

•Nuakai Aru- Film maker, Actor, historian and Personal Development Coach:

Social Media- 



•Mic Assassin: Rapper and Entrepreneur

Social Media- @fwd360 @micassassin

•Dr Maggie Data Andi: 

Social Media-@dentist@maggieandi

:Winston Bell-Gam-  Investor, CEO of Mymillenniumtv:


Social Media-@mymillenniumtv

•Shingai- Performing Artist:

Social Media-@shingai

•Mary B:

Social Media-

@property_rebel (property)

@lash_lords (eyelashes)

@blackkingsclothing (seed nutrition)

•Alesha Charmaine:

Social Media @aleshacharmaine

Facebook : allblackowneduk

Twitter : allblackowneduk

Website :

•Courtney O’shea Owner Audio Visual 365:

Social: av365_ltd

•Rihole Bitata: STEAM Education for Children:

Instagram: @steampowerltd /  Linkedin: Rijole Bitata / Twitter: @steampowerltd / Facebook: STEAM POWER

•Montu Tar-African Holistic Health Store

Tree of Eternal Life:

•Cherry Jumbo: 

Black beauty and fashion awards

IG: @ blackbeautyandfashionawards











02036057471 /07428663601 /07587628238