Twitter walkout: Celebrities and politicians begin 48-hour boycott after Wiley’s anti-Semitic tirade

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Wiley was roundly condemned for his tweets attacking Jewish people.

Celebrities, politicians and high-profile campaigners are set to begin a 48-hour “walkout” from Twitter after an anti-Semitic tirade from the rapper Wiley stayed online for hours. 

Leading names staging the protest have accused the social media giant of turning a blind eye to the “venomous” succession of offensive tweets from Wiley’s account over the weekend. 

The 41-year-old, known as the “godfather of grime”, posted anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and insulted Jewish people on his Twitter and Instagram accounts, which combined have more than 940,000 followers.

Police have launched an investigation and he has been handed a temporary ban from both sites and dropped by his agent. 

On Sunday Home Secretary Priti Patel demanded a “full explanation” from Twitter and Instagram into why Wiley’s “abhorrent” posts remained online for “so long” before being removed.

Some of the offensive tweets remained live 12 hours after they were first posted, prompting critics to accuse Twitter of “ignoring anti-Semitism”. 

Now singer Jessie Ware, the actress Tracy-Ann Oberman and a host of other soap stars, actors, academics and politicians have all pledged to boycott Twitter for 48 hours, starting from 9am on Monday.

They are backed by the group Campaign Against Antisemitism, which condemned Twitter for “deciding to allow a racist to continue to use their platforms” to spread hate.

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