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America’s Military Base on Diego Garcia

UK Ministry of Defense Hit with Massive Damage Claims. Diego Garcia Joint UK-US Base Accused of Crimes and Apartheid

 October 2, 2020

 London :

The Chagos Archipelago is best known for the secretive US-UK joint naval base on Diego Garcia Atoll but according to the UN and its International Court of Justice, the forced deportation of its residents 50 years ago by the British government to make way for a US naval base was a serious crime.

 The United Nations General Assembly told the United Kingdom to vacate its last colony in Africa by November 2019. The UK refused to leave and the situation is now one of military occupation.  Meanwhile apartheid laws ban the original residents of the Chagos Archipelago from living there or visiting except under military escort.

 The complaint by two Chagossians (Solomon Prosper and Bernard Nourrice) born on Diego Garcia island and deported from there as children seeks maximum damages of £75,000 each from the Ministry of Defense and similar damages for all other Chagossians.

 The Chagossians’ lawyer, Dr. Jonathan Levy, notes: “The damage claims are quite reasonable given the intense sufferings of the Chagossians who as a people were utterly devastated by their forced deportation by the Ministry of Defense to make way for the joint US-UK base. The comparable US base at Camp Lemonier, Djibouti, costs the United States approximately $70 million per year to lease, the Chagossians who are the real owners of Diego Garcia Atoll are seeking only a small fraction of 50 years back rent.”

A recent BBC podcast covered the Chagossians 50-year struggle to return to their homes:

 A link to the claim for damages is here:

 For more information, contact:

Dr. Jonathan Levy, Attorney & Solicitor