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I recently enjoyed an exclusive preview of X‑SAVIOUR’s debut album “The Royal Secret” (pictured above), which officially releases on all platforms as of the 7th of July 2020.

X‑SAVIOUR is a versatile artist from South London who explores and expresses himself across a variety of lyrical topics, through many styles of delivery and demonstrates fluency in multiple genres. X‑SAVIOUR successfully creates an impact with “The Royal Secret” as he effortlessly takes you on a musical journey that covers many deep and controversial topics including the occult, freemasonry, consciousness, spirituality, slavery, history, and much more.

The album (which is produced exclusively by Crayzee Banditt) encapsulates many separate stories, perspectives and historical accounts. It is abstract in its very nature, a refreshing sound that amalgamates elements of theatrical performance, singing, conscious hip hop, grime flows and even spoken word too. You don’t hear much talk of self but abstractions about ideas, cultures, prophecies, historical and future events and a lot symbolic and religious imagery is heard throughout the album.

The standout tracks in my opinion are “Asia” — for its beautiful melodies, inspiring chorus and narrative, “Divine Awakening” for its rhythm, imagery and emotion, and “Scrolls” as it has some fantastic storytelling, a very catchy hook and a meaningful message.

In summary, ‘The Royal Secret’ offers a pioneering sound and a theatrical energy that leaves the listener wanting more. Fittingly, the album has been submitted for the Hyundai Mercury Prize 2020. Mercury announce their ‘Album of the Year’ shortlist on the 23rd July.… Watch this space!


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