Queen & Slim Review – Sharla Smith

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Can I tell you a story?

A Love Story?

A Black.


Love Story!

About a Queen and her Slim.

That despite all odds fought the system of oppression that fights to keep us from loving each other.

A system – that takes a child away from its mother – either by imprisonment, or death.

A Love Story?

Of Black sovereignty at war…
At war with the law
The law is the core.
Trying to escape is a constant chore of the black body.
Stained body!
Dead body from bullets of the gun

One by one… someone’s son,
Some times young.

Too young to have often found love
Too often sent to the maker above.

A Love Story?
Where Slim and his Queen
Shift and shape – avoid being seen
Because their union is magic!
Black girl and black boy magic that dismantles spells and deals straight with the heart.

A Love Story!

The art of a love language where pheromones work in harmony, void of western influence, and is the guide to which we abide.

She broke their narrative – of our story.
He broke their narrative – it’s our story!
Re-writing the language that has entangled our tongues for far too long and muted our ability of free speech!

Our ability to teach –
Our traditions,
Our religions,
To our children!
We are – afraid of the whip… afraid of the gun.

One by one… someone’s son,
Some times young.

Programming us all to be docile.
As they steal our style – not just in fashion, not just in knowledge, not just in music…
To use it
For their own self gain.

The smell of the blood causes us to flee to safety… together,
No matter the weather because we know this type of relation ship always meets an orchestrated storm.

A Love Story!

A hip-hop,
Black story.
Our story…

There’s a light at the end of tunnel.

If we channel our own station, the station of our ancestors, the station of our community…
Will we make it?

 As we trip,
Lose our grip,
An elder picks us up!

As we run,
Away from the gun,
The roadmen are our shields!

It’s blinding, this light.
But its sunrays charge our melanin with bravery and courage.
Will we make it?


We might as well try because living here is not living
But being in prison.

Not Romeo and Juliet,
Or Bonnie and Clyde
But our side
Our story!

Of a Queen and her Slim.