Manhood Mondays • Brotherhood vs Bromance

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Here at GKTV our aim is to shine a light on the positive aspects of the culture. Manhood Mondays starts our week with saluting our Kings.

Because we all know it’s the balance of divinity, both masculine and feminine… unity.

Brotherhood VS Bromance


WORDSMITH S1 Ep1| Raspect Fyahbinghi


As well as my own experience with my brothers, brotherhood in its exclusivity is always a privilege to observe!

Brotherhood rather than Bro-mance because Brotherhood represents community! It makes me think of a fenced neighborhood that does its job at protecting the people within from harm whilst scanning the intentions of the people with-out before letting them in.


Silas Zephania

 This weeks #shoutout is to our talented brother Silas Zephnia (@silaszephania)

Check out the Nationality anthem of the global Black World!

Filmed by the UK’s number 1 Black, Conscious Media Platform! GKTV


Rest In Eternal Peace Kobe!

One of our most influential, iconic brothers passed over recently, and you didn’t have to be an avid basketball fan to feel it!


Is there life after death?

Whatever your belief system – the strength is remembering that true essence/ energy/ vibration never dies… but only transfers!

“You’re not worried about what people may say. You’re not worried about disappointing others. You’re not worried about any of that; you’re just focused on being in the moment. That’s what mamba mentality truly is” Kobe Bryan