GotKushTV was launched in 2015 as a conscious black media platform that is first and foremost about the empowerment and liberation of Nubian/ African/ Black people worldwide!⁣⁣

⁣⁣We are born out of a sincere passion to bridge an obvious gap among many of the UK media platforms, the development of a Black owned media company, specifically dedicated to profiling the positive, conscious & revolutionary aspects of Black culture and the Black community at large. Our ethos is that we are the mainstream! Gone are the days when Black media can only follow the dictates of popular corporate companies that continue to degrade and marginalise Black people. We set our own standards, create our own content and define our own ideals.

We aim to become the epicenter of a seismic shift in Black media portrayals and African-Caribbean cultural production. It is our view that the best way to combat the negative stereotypes pushed through “mainstream” media, is to create our own media & inspire others to do the same

Our shows combine Music, Economics and Community work contributing to a fine array a programming that gets stronger as the platform develops. We aim to Entertain, Educate & inspire. We provide a platform for artistry, entrepreneurship and social activism.

Our mission is best demonstrated by the shows we produce:

WORDSMITH: The platform specifically designed to by pass the industry norms and create a new mainstream based on Black Power, Pride & Artistic Integrity. If this fits your profile, this is the platform for you!

GROUP ECONOMICS: A Monthly show designed to educate the audience about methods strategies and examples for becoming successful entrepreneurs, as well as understanding the economics of our community.

THE INSIGHT: Weekly breakdowns on the topical social-political & economic issues affecting Black Culture.

DE:CIPHER: Weekly discussion show featuring a dynamic cast of young & vibrant Black men & women exchanging opinions on the hot topics of the day. Get involved and share comments as we get super interactive with our viewership.

HEALTH IS WEALTH: Step in to the Kush Kitchen as we bring in the best Health Practitioners in our community to present live demonstrations in healthy super food preparation.

KUSH COMMUNIVERSITY: Scholars, Activists & Intellections drop knowledge on Science, Technology, History, Spirituality & Culture, Economics, Law and so much more.

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